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About Chendokan Aikido

Chendokan Aikido is a form of Aikido developed by Professor Philip Chenique. This system has all the traditional Aikido movements and techniques, but applies them to today's situations.

Traditional Aikido is the Martial Art developed in Japan by Master Morihei Uyeshiba combining practical self-defense movements taken from sword and spear fighting, Jujitsu, Aikijitsu, Aikibudo and other ancient, more esoteric forms of the Martial Arts with an emphasis on characteristic centralization and the extension of mental energy or Ki.

Aikido is not a sport, but an intriguing art of self-defense and inner peace. Aikido is more than a way of dealing with an attacker, it becomes a positive force in one's daily life and fosters the development of a healthy mental attitude. The resulting mind and body coordination reveals unknown sources of power.

CHEN: "Chenique" or Professor Philip Chenique / Professor Philip Chenique is the creator and founder of Atemi Ryu Jujitsu, holding a 10th degree under his instructor Grandmaster Moses Powell who is known around the world for his contributions in Jujitsu, Aiki-Jujitsu, Aiki-budo, Aikido and many other martial arts. Dr. Philip Chenique is the founder of the Chendokan School of Aikido.

DO: "Way" or "Path" / When this term is used as a suffix to a particular style of the Japanese martial arts, it is indicative of more than just a means of combat. DO indicates a discipline and philosophy with moral and spiritual connotations, the ultimate aim being enlightenment, personal development, and so forth. The most common DO practices are Ju-jitsu DO, Judo, Kendo and Aikido.

KAN: "Home" or "House" / The place of comfort. The place where all feel welcomed.

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