Welcome to Chendokan Aikido

Aikido depends not only on innate skillfulness, but a steady and vigorous training. A day missed in the Dojo is a day which you can never make up.

Continuous practice requires patience, which leads one to become strong in spiritual and physical resistance. Real strength will be acquired in cultivating the mental ability to control the body freely.

Education ought to be mastered through experience. One of the duties of instructions is, ultimately, to help enrich the qualities of individual education. With a true education and respectable behavior, a person's movements will be beautiful.

I would like to emphasize the role of Uke. In Aikido training there is the supposition of two roles: Shite (the leading body) and Uke (the passive body.) The basic idea of practice for Shite is to use Uke's power, while acknowledging both the weaknesses in Uke's position and the fact that Uke is simply the complimentary counterpart of Shite himself. Practice of this sort allows the conversion of weakness into strength and the development of self-confidence and spiritual energy. By finding and disciplining one's own weak points, one's capacity and raison d'etre will be found.

In conclusion, it is important to maintain the proper attitude required to be strong Uke. I personally advise purchasing Aikido videos and carefully watching the role of the Uke.